3.8 Million Infected? Health authority shows quite a different Corona-Figures for the United States

The USA have the most positive Corona Tests around the world. Nearly 3.85 million confirmed infections, there are already, the daily increases are staggering. However, how many infections it really been? A study by the US health authority CDC should be used for now, at least more insightful.

How many people had the Covid-19-Virus really? The issue of underreporting in the case of the Corona-infections employs researchers and lay people around the world. So also in the United States – the country with the most positive Corona Tests (almost 3.85 million) and the most deaths (more than 140,000) in the world.

On Tuesday, the US-American health authority CDC has published in this regard, the results of a large-scale study. For the samples measured in ten regions of the United States a total of more than 16,000 blood. The census refers to a period from the beginning of April until the end of may.

The results are:

1. The number of infections is in the regions 2 to 16 Times higher than the confirmed cases. The CDC is based on the assumption that perhaps ten Times as many people have been infected with Corona, and use than previously known – approximately 38 million Americans. That would be around 11.5 per cent of the population.

2. The confirmed cases and estimated cases per Region (in first bracket, the end date of the survey, in the second bracket, the estimated unreported cases):

  • San Francisco Bay Area (27. April): 7151 / 65.000 (9x and higher)
  • Utah (5. May): 11.330 / 25.000 (2x higher)
  • Western Washington (11. May): hotels 13,098 / 122.000 (9x and higher)
  • Minnesota (7. June): 27.883 / 84.000 (3x higher)
  • Missouri (30. May): 12.956 / 171.000 (13x higher)
  • South Florida (24. April): 18.286 / 181,000 on (10x higher)
  • Philadelphia (30. May): 56.3418 / 245.000 (4x higher)
  • Connecticut (26. May): 41.234 / 185.000 (4x higher)
  • Louisiana (8. April): 17.030 / 267.000 (16x higher)
  • New York City (6. May): 281.670 / 2.832.000 (10x higher)

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3. There are regions where the percentage of only a few human antibodies against Covid-19 carry. The regions are with a high anti-body advent.

  • San Francisco Bay Area: 1.0 Per Cent
  • Utah: 1.1%
  • Western Washington: 2.1%
  • Minnesota: 2.2%
  • Missouri: 2.8%
  • South Florida: 2.9%
  • Philadelphia: 3.6 Percent
  • Connecticut: 5.2 Percent
  • Louisiana: 5.8 Percent
  • New York City: 23.2 Percent


4. Of a herd immunity are the USA, but everywhere is still far away. The necessary 60 to 70 percent of the population can not even be achieved in a particularly heavily affected regions, such as New York City nearly. The pandemic will also have the USA, probably for a long time to handle themselves if the vaccination should already stop Sick for a long time.

Florida’s new Hotspot – immunization may be significantly higher

Here, it should be noted again that the data are already older. The new rise of Corona infections could have changed the Numbers, at least in some regions significantly. So Florida is in the study with 2.9 per cent for South Florida listed as one of the new Hotspots in the United States. The immunization could be advanced by it there is already.

The study by the CDC is being continued. The authority intends to carry out approximately every three to four weeks for further analysis.

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