Excessive bloating ‘could simply be the case of lymph buildup’ – how to treat it

Stomach bloating: Dr. Oz advises on how to 'beat the bloat'

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If bloating is caused by lymph buildup in the body, the remedy can be as simple as lymphatic drainage, said Shadia Laaouti, Aesthetician at Forbici London. She said: “It’s an effective treatment to help reduce symptoms and kickstart a healthy digestive system.” Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels and organs, which contain lymphatic tissue and affects just about every part of your body, including the brain.

Shadia explained: “A well-functioning system is incredibly important for optimal general health and wellbeing, and a build-up can have a detrimental impact on everyday life.

“Many turn to the treatment known as ‘lymphatic drainage’ when noticing signs of an issue, as it involves massaging the problem area to move fluid away, helping to flush toxins, enhance immunity and alleviate water weight and bloat.”

It can be difficult to distinguish whether you are suffering from a lymphatic build-up, which could simply be relieved through treatment.

Shadia helped identify other everyday symptoms you need to look out for which could be resolved with lymphatic drainage.

Chronic headaches and migraines

If you have ever suffered the pain of a headache or migraine, you know that it can be extremely debilitating – especially for chronic sufferers.

Shadia advised: “Many people seek professional treatment from doctors and specialists to identify the root cause of their pain and try to get it under control, but there are more natural remedies to combat this.

“Specifically targeting the face and lymph nodes in the neck, lymphatic drainage can effectively alleviate painful headaches and migraines by essentially massaging the pain-causing toxins out of the body.”

Brain fog

Shadia said: “Brain fog is an extremely common symptom of congested lymph, which can hugely benefit from lymphatic drainage as it opens the pathways to improve cognitive function and clear the head from any confusion and fogginess.”

Skin problems

Skin problems like dry or itchy skin, and even acne, can indicate that the lymph is not flowing as it should be.

Shadia said: “Lymphatic drainage helps to carry the waste from our tissues and allows nutrients to diffuse from the bloodstream. This nourishes our tissues more effectively and helps the skin to correct any deficiencies it may have that are causing problems.”

Excess weight

As research progresses, there is more evidence that weight gain is not simply about a person consuming too many calories – there are a number of factors which can impact excess weight.

Shadia said: “The lymph system is often ignored as a reason, but it can have a huge impact on weight gain as it can cause the accumulation of excess fluid in the body.

“Lymphatic drainage is hailed for its weight loss benefits, as it works by getting the lymph flowing and supporting the circulation of the vessels and nodes for effective fat reduction and improvement of general health.

“There are fantastic treatments available, like T-shape, which is available at Forbici London. This is a targeted treatment and is incredibly effective and painless with almost instantaneous results on various areas of the body, also increasing the body’s ability to drain fluid on its own.”

Overwhelming stress

Feeling stressed is normal and hard to eliminate in modern life. But overwhelmed levels of stress everyday can be a sign that there is something more contributing to it.

Shadia said: “When stressed, the body’s response kicks in and produces hormones which promote certain reactions in the body, which can be quite toxic as it can lead to lymph congestion.

“The best way to reduce stress is through exercise or taking some time out, but sometimes this is not possible and causes stress to keep reproducing.

“Lymphatic drainage can be hugely beneficial when trying to relieve stress levels, as it not only involves a relaxing type of massage, but it works by boosting the circulation of lymph fluid through the body and inhibiting the release of cortisol, which reproduces stress.”

Sinus infections

Sinus infections can be painful and irritating, especially if they keep coming back.

Shadia said: “For those who struggle with recurrent infections, a regular course of lymphatic drainage is hugely beneficial. It’s known to be a type of holistic therapy that gives your lymphatic system a “tune up”. By manually stimulating the increased flow of lymphatic fluid, it can reinvigorate your immune system and sweep out any harmful toxins to prevent reinfection.”

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