Heart attack: Survivors can ward off another attack by drinking coffee, researchers say

Heart attack: Experts claim a vegan diet can 'help prevent' them

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Recovering from a heart attack can take several months, and you’re not out of the woods of another life-threatening attack. In fact, having one heart attack means you’re more likely to have another. Could drinking coffee help? Dr Hiroyasu Iso said: “There is a strong need for scientific evidence on the lifestyles among survivors of heart attacks.” The professor of public health at Osaka University, in Japan, noted there is a rapidly ageing population.

The Mayo Clinic pointed out that the risk of a heart attack increased for men over the age of 45, and for women over the age of 55.

Considering an increasingly aged population, the likelihood is that more people will need to know how to look after themselves following a heart attack.

For the investigation, there were more than 46,000 participants aged from 40 to 79 years old.

Sixty percent of the participants were female, while 40 percent of the participants were male.

They were administered questionnaires that included information about demographics, lifestyle, medical history and diet.

The groups were separated into groups – those who have a history of heart attack, and those who don’t.

The researchers then analysed the amount and frequency of coffee consumption.

It was noted that a typical cup of coffee contained approximately 100ml of liquid.

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Dr Iso interjected: “An important distinction to make is that.. coffee is prepared with water and occasionally milk and sugar.”

He added that the healthiest way to enjoy a cup of coffee is “without an unnecessary amount of added sugars”.

The results

Heart attack survivors who drank one cup of coffee a day reduced their overall risk of death by approximately 22 percent.

This was in contrast to heart attack survivors who did not regularly drink coffee.

People without a history of heart attacks, who consumed one or more cups of coffee per day, had approximately a 14 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality compared to non-coffee drinkers.

This study was observational in nature, meaning the researchers couldn’t determine why coffee drinking led to a reduction in deaths.

These results were published in the American Stroke Association journal in February 2021.

Further research is needed to understand how coffee could help reduce cardiovascular risk.

Reducing your risk of another heart attack

The NHS mentioned four types of medicines widely used to reduce another heart attack. These are:

  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
  • Anti-platelets
  • Beta blockers
  • Statins

“Everyone who experiences a heart attack will face different problems and challenges,” said the NHS.

Thus, your healthcare team can provide guidance and advice specific to your needs.

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