How to live longer: Blood pressure busting supplement could ‘turn back the clock 10 years’

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Keeping your blood pressure levels in check is one of the key interventions for reducing the risk of heart disease. High blood pressure describes the force of blood pressing against your artery walls high enough to cause damage. There’s one supplement that can lower your high reading, protect arteries and boost heart health, according to a clinical pharmacist, Mike Wakeman.

Mike Wakeman from CurraNZ told how blackcurrant extract can boost longevity in as little as a week.

He explained: “Healthy circulation is the key to longevity and essential for the function of vital organs.

“As we get older, arteries become stiff and congested, which leads to impaired blood flow and changes which are frequently associated with the development of cardiovascular disease.”

This is where the blackcurrant extract steps in.

Mr Wakeman said: “Blackcurrants are prized for their effect on circulation and boosting the health and function of the cardiovascular system.

“They widen the blood vessels, reduce blood pressure in hypertensive adults and can reverse the consequences of ageing on arteries by ten years.”

The reason why blackcurrant extract can benefit the cardiovascular system is anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are plant compounds naturally occurring in high concentrations in New Zealand blackcurrants.

The pharmacist notes that this blackcurrant extract comes in a supplement form.

This goodie is able to produce “meaningful changes to blood flow within four days”.

The expert explained what happens after you take it: “[It] is absorbed through the gut and taken up into the bloodstream.

“From there, the blackcurrant anthocyanins disperse into the body by breaking down into metabolites that support the body with natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and circulatory-promoting functions.

“Improvements to blood pressure occur as a result of the extract’s effect on reducing stress on the cardiovascular system and widening of the blood vessels.”

How much blackcurrant extract do I need to take?

Mr Wakeman recommends opting for 300mg to 600mg daily to enjoy the longevity-boosting benefits.

This amount should pack around 105mg to 210 of the beneficial plant compound.

Do blackcurrants offer the same benefits?

Unfortunately, the pharmacist stresses that to enjoy these benefits, you need to opt for the supplement version solely as fruit might not be enough.

He said: “Certain amounts of anthocyanins are required to achieve the benefits as demonstrated in research.

“The anthocyanin content in the fruit is highly variable depending on growing region and varieties, and degrades when exposed to heat, light and moisture.”

He recommends opting for blackcurrant products from New Zealand as their fruit contains “the highest anthocyanin levels in the world”, including the CurraNZ blackcurrant extract.

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