Journalists Examine Vaccination Rates Among Student Nurses and in Covid Hot Spots

Contributing writer and former KHN correspondent Michelle Andrews discussed difficulties in providing clinical training to student nurses who refuse to get vaccinated on CBS News on Thursday.

  • Click here to watch Andrews on CBS News
  • Read Andrews’ “Student Nurses Who Refuse Vaccination Struggle to Complete Degrees“

KHN Colorado correspondent Rae Ellen Bichell discussed San Juan County, Colorado, one of the most vaccinated places in the U.S. on KUNC’s “Colorado Edition” on Tuesday and Colorado Public Radio’s “Colorado Matters” on Wednesday.

  • Click here to hear Bichell on “Colorado Edition”
  • Click here to hear Bichell on “Colorado Matters”
  • Read Bichell’s “A Colorado Town Is About as Vaccinated as It Can Get. Covid Still Isn’t Over There.“

KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber discussed covid-19 deaths in rural America on “NBC Now” on Oct. 1.

  • Click here to watch Weber on “NBC Now”
  • Read Weber’s “Covid Is Killing Rural Americans at Twice the Rate of Urbanites“

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