Katy Perry Wants To Talk About The Aftermath Of Birth

Back in August, mega-babe Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed their beautiful daughter, Daisy Dove. The couple revealed the news in adorable matching posts on Instagram of Daisy’s tiny hands.

“We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” Katy and Orlando said in the announcement.
Keeping things candid in the post, the singer went on to touch on the realness of childbirth and the huge risk to newborn lives.

“…we know we’re the lucky ones and not everyone can have a birthing experience as peaceful as ours was.”



“Communities around the world are still experiencing a shortage of healthcare workers and every eleven seconds a pregnant woman or newborn dies, mostly from preventable causes. Since COVID-19 many more newborn lives are at risk because of the increased lack of access to water, soap, vaccines and medicines that prevent diseases. As parents to a newborn, this breaks our hearts, as we empathise with struggling parents now more than ever.”

Following her post, Perry has continued to keep it real for her followers: just a few days after giving birth, Katy took to Instagram to playfully show off her VMA night look, complete with a nursing bra and postpartum underwear.

And most recently, during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the star shared some of the lessons she’s learned about life after giving birth — namely, that nobody ever talks about it.

“What they don’t tell you is nobody talks about the first six weeks after you have the baby,” Katy said. “Oh my god, that’s wild! What a roller coaster!”

“I had my fifth album coming out… You know, every other album cycle, there’d be some kind of celebration or party or dinner, whatever, you know,” Katy said.
She continued: “This time, I was giving birth to the greatest gift of all for me, and then my album came out the next day, and I was in the hospital, and I could not wipe my own butt.”

Don’t we know it.

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