Madonna health: Star’s painful ‘missing cartilage’ was fixed by stem cell therapy

Madonna shows off dance moves at Burberry party

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The Queen of Pop, 63, had “missing cartilage” following a dramatic on-stage injury shortly before the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. After eight months of suffering intense pain due to injury, she underwent a treatment called regenerative medicine for her knee. But it wasn’t plain sailing after the surgery. The star was on crutches for 10 months before she publically revealed on her social media that she had recovered.

Madonna, who had suffered a series of injuries over her tour, had a hard fall during a Madame X show in Paris in February 2020 that left her in tears.

She struggled off-stage with the help of one of her dancers and a cane and afterward was forced to cancel shows.

It was three months later that she announced on her social media pages that she was undergoing the treatment.

“Finally going to get my regenerative treatment for my missing cartilage!!” she wrote.

“I would be jumping up and down if I could after 8 months of being in pain! Wish me luck!”

Regenerative medicine refers to treatments that replace or regenerate human cells and tissues which might be damaged to restore normal function.

In Madonna’s case, she was fixing the damaged tough, flexible tissue which acts as a shock absorber for her knee joints, known as cartilage.

When it is damaged, it can leave the bone surfaces exposed, creating friction in the joint.

But it wasn’t business as usual for Madonna after her surgery.

The star had “physical challenges” and required crutches for ten months.

A year after the incident, she went to social media again. This time to announce the reshooting of the Madame X Tour documentary.

“Happy to be able to step into my costumes after 10 months on crutches-surgery and a host of other physical challenges and they fit! Phew! #reshoots #madame X” she wrote.

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The Madame X Tour started in 2019 and involved Madonna’s alter ego Madame.

It was the focus of an MTV documentary that chronicled the tour.

Regenerative medicine

There are two branches of regenerative medicine: tissue engineering, which creates replacements for damaged tissues, and self-healing.

Self-healing involves injecting stem cells or other chemicals to encourage the body to repair itself.

On Instagram Madonna revealed she had received stem-cell treatment as part of her recovery.

A video showed blood being processed as part of the treatment.

Symptoms of cartilage damage

According to the NHS, the symptoms of cartilage damage include:

  • Joint pain which could continue during rest
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Grinding sensation in your joints
  • Having joints that lock or give way.

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