Meet the New Leggings That Won't Bunch or Slip

Used by professional athlete and marathon runner Nicole Paton, emamaco’s leggings took 12 months to create – from idea to product. And now there’s a new star in the range; Shaper Mover. 

Shaper Move 

The perfect antidote to smooth, shape, support and more with your body, emamaco’s genius Shaper Move leggings have been designed with functionality, style and versatility at the heart of them. Wear them for your workout, to the shops, for a nap on the couch…. Wear them all day, every day.  

So, what is it that makes them so unique?  

They’re gravity defying 

Yep, they’ll stay up all day long! Shaper Move are specifically engineered, high-waisted leggings (in multiple lengths), and shorts with additional support built into the waistband so it won’t roll down during intense movements. Jump. Sprint. Squat. Your dignity is SAFE! 

Flattering and functional design  

Say ‘adios’ to sweaty fabrics that do nothing but make you feel self-conscious during a workout, emamaco’s ultra-performance compression Shaper Move leggings are made with super soft Supaflex material. What does that mean? Well, apart from being so smooth that nothing will stick to them (including your fave pooch’s fur), the material is light weight, breathable and moisture wicking – perfect for a gym sesh.  

The high-density fabric, compression and comfortable stretch material mean you can jump, squat, run or do whatever you like – and your fabric will move easily with you. Oh, and it’s not see-through! Every detail is created to suit the purpose – the design, the cut, the sewing methods, the stitching and even the finish.  

They’re an Aussie brand 

We’re all up for supporting Aussies, especially when they create a brilliant product that helps us feel, look and perform our best.  

Check out the full emamaco range, including high-performance active wear, maternity and lifestyle wear at   

Shop the Shaper Move collection at during April 2021 and use the exclusive Women’s Health promo code: emamacoaprilWH to get all full length + 7/8 Shaper Moves for only $65.  

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