New ‘Labskin Microbiome Friendly+ Seal of Approval’ unveiled

Labskin, a division of DeepVerge has today announced that it is setting an exacting standard for the skincare industry, the ‘Labskin Microbiome Friendly+ Seal of Approval.’ Redefining the future of skincare with strict standards, the seal certifies, through extensive testing, products that maintain the skin microbiome when used for cosmetic purposes.

Innovative beauty brands, Gallinée and Tula Skincare, are the first brands in the UK and Ireland to be awarded the prestigious seal in recognition of their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients and formulations that produce a neutral effect on the skin microbiome and maintain the skin’s flora’s natural balance.

By testing on their unique tissue model, Labskin is the only company that can recapitulate the environmental conditions present in human skin, making it truly unmatched in the marketplace. The new Labskin Microbiome-Friendly+ Seal of Approval is an essential objective standard for the skincare industry. The seal means consumers can be confident in what they are putting on their skin. Using certified microbiome friendly skincare products means that the skin’s microbiome is left intact and unchanged. The skin microbiome protects the skin’s natural defences against the environment and foreign pathogens, thereby alleviating any imbalance or potential skin conditions such as eczema.

"In recent years, we’ve become concerned at the number of brands who’ve put microbiome friendly on the front of their packs without having to prove that it is. The new Labskin Seal of Approval is an important standard for the beauty and skincare industry because it will provide consumers with a badge of trust in what they are putting on their skin. Whilst for many the term microbiome, is relatively new, its importance in the look, feel and effectiveness of the skin and its barrier function is incredibly important."

Niamh O’Kennedy, Group Marketing Officer at Labskin

“At Labskin, we have spent over 15 years testing leading brands and products to see the effect they have on an individual’s skin and we’re proud to now bring this standard to our customers who have achieved the exacting standard required. To date, this has been achieved by cult brands Tula Skincare and Gallinée and we look forward to announcing more in the coming months.”

From working with the world’s leading global consumer health and skincare brands, Labskin is exceptionally well placed to introduce and advocate for exacting industry standards. Having completed thousands of industry tests, the Labskin platform helps clients maintain an optimum real-world environment, when testing their new or existing ingredients and skincare products, showing the positive or negative impact on the skin’s natural microflora.

Commenting on their certification achievement, Marie Drago from Gallinée added; ‘We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised with the new Labskin Microbiome Friendly+ Seal of Approval. We pride ourselves in our high standards to protect the natural skin balance and care for the microbiome, ensuring skin stays strong, glowy and rebalanced.

“This new industry benchmark is essential to reassure consumers and revolutionise the future of skincare and we are delighted to be one of the first recognised.”

A balanced microbiome is increasingly recognised as being crucial to skin’s health. This ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms on the skin’s surface guards against pathogens that could affect not just the skin but overall health. It also helps regulate the person’s immune system. When the microbiome is balanced, the skin looks and feels healthy, when unbalanced, issues such as dryness and itching can arise.

The Microbiome Friendly+ Seal of Approval is the first certification seal from Labskin with the pioneering company looking to work with partners who want to introduce a new accreditation of quality assurance. The new seal can be used by Labskin approved brands on packaging and for marketing purposes.

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