No limit has more to Hildmann-Demo, still, hardly anyone

In several German cities demonstrated on Saturday against the government regulations for the containment of Coronavirus – but to far-reaching relaxations are far less than on past weekends.

In some places on Saturday, there was also demonstrations against right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists.

550 participants in Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt, around 550 people demonstrated at several events as a whole. After a clash between protesters and counter-protesters step in to the police.

A total of four people were arrested, due to an attack on a police officer, Trespassing, or disturbance of a meeting, a police spokesman said. In addition, five administrative fines proceedings were initiated due to violation of spacing and mouth protection rules. "Overwhelmingly, the demonstrations were friedlich", the spokesman said.

To Hildmann-Demo someone comes hardly

In Berlin the participants ‘ figures were significantly below the announced values, as a police spokesman said. The situation had remained largely calm, to be many demonstrations to 50 people. It was a "colorful Mischung" from demonstrations against the measures for the Corona-containment and counter-protests, in use, around 550 police officers were.

Came to a rally of the Vegan chef Attila Hildmann, close to the Federal Chancellery 150 participants, according to police in the tip. After a week long restriction there is in Berlin, in the meantime, no limit on the number of participants for demonstrations. dpa Attila Hildmann (front), Vegan cookbook author and Corona-sceptic, speaks at the final rally in a Demonstration against the Corona-policy of the Federal government at the Federal Chancellery.

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Also in Stuttgart, only a few protest

In Stuttgart, where the last will become the nation’s largest protests had taken place, demonstrated to several Hundred people. For the largest rally of around 5000 participants have registered, came to 150. The speakers demanded, among other things, the immediate Opening of the daycare centers and the immediate full operation of the schools. According to the police, everything went "störungsfrei". The sanitation and clearance rules had been complied with.

In Bavaria, one of the largest gatherings took place in Munich. On the Theresienwiese demonstrated under the Motto "Together. to stand for freedom, fundamental rights and Selbstbestimmung&quot… around 700 people. According to a police spokesperson, the Assembly was done quietly, the distance of the commandments have been adhered to. After a decision of the administrative court of not more than 1000 people were allowed to attend the event.

In Nuremberg, four of the protest events against the Corona had been restrictions registered. Immediately prior to the beginning of a police language speaker of a "very weak Zulauf".

Last week, up to 10,000 were

In Thuringia, the speaker came according to a police until the afternoon throughout the country, about 450 people to rallies against the existing limitations. Logged about 1400 protesters, among other things, in Erfurt, Jena, Weimar and Nordhausen.

Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left) was there, departed from the agreements of the Federation and the länder, and had embarked on a far-reaching easing of the course. In mid-June, the country wants to ban the imposed Contact soften in a recommendation to convert, as a spokesman for the health Ministry said on request.

In the case of larger demonstrations in many places in Germany had been involved in the past few weeks, up to 10 000 people. In part, the elevators were a significantly lower number of participants is limited, but it had gathered on the edge of the approved events, many more people. Locally there was also minor skirmishes with the police.

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