Overcoming analytics platform investment challenges

According to HIMSS Market Insights research, investing in analytics platforms comes with its own challenges. “Competing with other strategic priorities” (71%) and “staff resources to implement and train for new technologies” (58%) were cited as the biggest barriers with investments in or upgrades to analytics platforms. In Episode 2 of the “Unlocking Big Data” podcast sponsored by Arcadia and presented by HIMSS, Tina Esposito, System VP and Chief Health Information Officer at Advocate Health, and Nick Stepro, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Arcadia, discuss how to get buy-in from executive leaders and staff to adopt new solutions to existing workflows.

You’ll learn more about:

  • How to put data accuracy and access as a top organizational priority

  • Overcoming small to mid-size healthcare organizational resistance to new solutions adoption

  • The ability of a robust data analytics platform to support and advance health equity

Want to see our guests talk further about this topic? Watch our companion TV episode here.

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