Public hearing to be held today for inquiry into approval processes for new drugs, medical technologies

A third day of public hearings in Sydney will be held today as part of the Health, Aged Care and Sport Committee’s ongoing inquiry into approval processes for new drugs and novel medical technologies in Australia.

Stakeholders including patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies, peak bodies, and health and clinical trial centers will give evidence. The program for the hearings is available at the Committee’s website.

The Chair of the Committee, Mr Trent Zimmerman MP, said that ‘the inquiry has received a lot of interest with more than 185 submissions to date. At the public hearing, the Committee will continue to hear from stakeholders to find out how Australia’s approval systems and funding for new medicines and novel medical technologies will provide the best possible outcomes for all Australians now and into the future.’

The Committee is interested in hearing about new innovative drugs and novel therapies that are being developed in Australia and overseas. The repurposing of drugs to treat new conditions will also be discussed. Two other important aspects to be reviewed include making the approvals process for new drugs and novel medical technologies more efficient, and consideration as to how Australia could be a more attractive location for clinical trials."

Mr Trent Zimmerman MP, The Chair of the Committee

Further information about the Committee’s inquiry including the full terms of reference are also available at the Committee’s website. Seating at the public hearing will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. The latest NSW Government COVID-19 restrictions (as at 6 May) will be in place. Interested parties are encouraged to listen to the audio live streaming.


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