The Guilt-Free Conscious Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t doesn’t need to single a life sans alcohol. In fact, the opposite rings true as it’s all about the balance in 2021, right? Why choose a sugary-sweet, kilojule-loaded bevy when the selection of a more considered cocktail – complete with nutrient-dense boosters – could add to your sense of wellbeing and immunity?

Creating conscious cocktails with ‘top shelf’ alcohol and wholesome, natural ingredients, instead of over-processed syrups, gives you the chance to enjoy a relaxing drink or two by complementing – not competing – with your wellness intent.

We all know moderation is key to nailing our goals, and making small changes can be more productive longterm, so at your next dinner party take a more considered approach to that cocktail choice. Enjoy one of these beauties with the strategic addition of beneficial, clean mixers of thyme, passionfruit and honey.

The Coconut Goose

89 Calories.


30mL Grey Goose

100mL coconut water

2 x lime wedge

Mix & Sip

This one is obscenely easy and equally delicious. Add the Grey Goose and coconut water (AKA nature’s Grey Goose) to a tall glass and squeeze some lime in there. Keep things cool with ice and garnish with another lime wedge. Done.

Bombay Sapphire Passionfruit Spritz

97 Calories.


30mL Bombay Sapphire

20mL Passionfruit

3 strawberries

150mL soda

Mix & Sip

Add Bombay Sapphire, passionfruit and strawberries to shaker and muddle. Add ice and make it like Taylor Swift and ‘shake it’ up, until frosty on the outside. Strain your tasty gem into a tumbler and top up with soda and ice.
Garnish with your favourite greenery. BYO 5 star service.

Patrón Watermelon Margarita

97 Calories.


30mL Patrón Silver

50mL watermelon juice

15mL lime juice

1⁄2 teaspoon sugar

Mix & Sip

Throw everything into a shaker and give it a gentle stir to dilute the sugar. Add ice and shake ‘til nice and frosty on the outside. Strain the whole thing into a rocks glass (or don’t strain it if you like ‘em chunky) and garnish with a watermelon wedge and one of those mini cocktail umbrellas if you’re in the mood.

Be brilliant and inspired. Drink responsibly.

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