These Tweets Expose The Hilarious Reality That Is Marriage

You need only watch an episode of Married At First Sight to discover that marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rather, if the show proves anything, it’s that as soon as vows are exchanged between two people, the gloves come off and punches are thrown, just as you reveal the real side of your personality – you know, the one you kept hidden at all costs. Suddenly though, when a ring makes its way onto someone’s finger, the sense of security it engenders runs parallel to the level of crazy contained in one being. But, as the saying goes, you do accept someone “for better or for worse” in a marriage and while there certainly are perks, the worse part can really drive you to insanity. 

Thanks to the Twitter-verse, those who are bemoaning their single status now have something to cheer about. People have taken to the platform to share everything they can’t stand about their significant other in marriage and the responses are as hilarious as you’d expect. From wives going rogue in the grocery aisle, to husband’s not knowing where anything is or making the mistake of taking a nap on freshly washed sheets after going to the gym, the responses provide a rare insight into the challenges of marriage and the trivial fights that go into making a happy union. 

Whether you’re single or find yourself happily married, there will surely be comments in this thread that you can easily relate to. Take a scroll through these comments exposing the reality of marriage for a good laugh and be honest, how many of these petty arguments are you guilty of?

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