Tips for hay fever sufferers on how to keep your home pollen-free

Spring has sprung, which, for hay fever sufferers, means it’s just about time to reach for the tissues and antihistamines.

If you get hay fever particularly badly, you’ll likely want to do your best to make your home a safe haven from pollen, but that’s easier said than done.

That’s why the team at Helpling, a marketplace where people can connect with cleaners, have put together some cleaning tips to help you keep your home as pollen-free as possible.

Change your clothes when you get in

While it’s hard to avoid pollen completely, there are things you can do to minimise the amount of pollen that makes it into your house.

Helpling recommends shaking off your jacket before you step inside and taking off your shoes at the door.

You might also consider changing your clothes too, to make sure you don’t spread pollen around the house with you.

You should put your old clothes straight in the wash to keep whatever pollen is on them away from anything else in your home.

Wash your hair before bed

Pollen can cling to hair as well as clothes, so to avoid contaminating your bedding, you should try to wash your hair before you go to sleep.

The experts at Helpling also recommend changing your bedding at least twice a week.

Close your windows

If you’re hot and tempted to open the windows during the summer, remember that pollen will likely be carried in with that refreshing breeze.

Instead of opening the windows, try pulling your curtains or blinds closed instead to block out the sun.

If you’re intent on opening your windows, you should do so at night when pollen counts tend to be lower.

Clean your home on the regular

No matter how vigilant you are, pollen can still work its way into your home.

Vacuum your carpets regularly and when you dust, the Helpling cleaning experts say you should dust with a wet cloth instead of a feather duster, which just moves dust rather than catching it.

Dry your washing inside

Not only can your clothing catch pollen when you’re outside, but they can also do that when they dry outside.

Drying them inside should solve this problem.

Brush your pet’s fur

Before you start one of your regular vacuuming sessions, you should brush your pet’s fur after they’ve been outside to try and dislodge any pollen they’ve brought in with them.

The cleaning experts also recommend keeping your four-legged friends outside your bedroom when your hay fever is particularly bad, so you’ve got the best chance of getting a good, pollen-free night’s sleep.

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