Vaccination against Corona: 67 percent of German – and a number of Concerns with

When can expect the world with a vaccine against the new Coronavirus? The pharmaceutical industry is optimistic that this will happen before Christmas. According to a survey, two-thirds of Germans are willing to be vaccinated, but the number of opponents is also high.

Around two-thirds of the people in Germany would be a poll against the Coronavirus vaccination. 67 percent were "sicher" or "wahrscheinlich" ready to currently available to protect to accept – this is the result of a representative survey by the opinion research Institute Kantar, as the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday) reports.

This was the second lowest within the G7 countries and the major Western industrial Nations. Only France spent 58 percent below the number in Germany. The largest Impfbereitschaft rule in the case of the British (78 per cent), the Italians (74 percent).

Ten percent do not want to be against Corona vaccinated

No vaccine against Corona is however. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) softened on Thursday in the ZDF-show "What now, woman Merkel" once again, expectations of early development.

The opinion research Institute Kantar, according to the spark between the 26. May and 1. June, a representative survey in the G7 countries. In the period were interviewed in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, great Britain, Italy and Canada each have at least 1000 participants. The data were weighted so that they correspond to the average of the population by sex, age and education.

A clear ‘ no ‘ to vaccination comes from ten percent of the Germans, such as the spark-Newspapers continue to report. In any other G7 country, there are so many conscientious objectors in Germany.

Restraint in Corona vaccination of children

Restrained the people in Germany were also in the vaccination of their children. According to Kantar’s survey, only 64% would like their daughters and sons "sicher" or "wahrscheinlich" against the Coronavirus vaccination. Only in France there were 56 percent less. At the top of the Britons (74 per cent) are in front of the Japanese (73 percent).

Even with the use of a Corona App, the people in this country are skeptical. 53 percent would be a so-called Tracing App on the Smartphone "very wahrscheinlich" or "pretty wahrscheinlich" use, if you would be available, reported the Funke media group, the Kantar survey.

The Germans were in comparison to other countries the least of our Worries due to Corona. 65 percent to be feared, therefore, that the Virus could affect the health of its own people. This is the lowest value among all G7 countries.

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The pharmaceutical industry makes hope for vaccine in 2020

The pharmaceutical industry, meanwhile, hope for an early end to the Corona pandemic. A vaccine, or even more, against the new Virus could be until the end of the year, ready for use, it says. However, even if this actually succeeds, yet overcome some of the major logistical challenges to the world of mass imprisonment against the Coronavirus vaccination. Also, therefore, has been scheduled for Thursday, an Online donor conference of the international vaccine Alliance Gavi.

Until the end of the year, several Corona could be vaccines ready, said Pascal Soriot, boss of the British company AstraZeneca, last week, in a virtual Briefing of several pharmaceutical group heads. His company is working with Oxford University on a vaccine.

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

Pfizer and Biontech are aiming for a vaccine for the end of October to

Worldwide, more than a hundred laboratories are conducting research on a vaccination against the novel Coronavirus. Ten vaccine candidates are already being tested on humans.

Albert Bourla of Pfizer common optimism. "If it runs well and we can demonstrate safety and efficacy sufficient, we could haben&quot the end of October, a vaccine;, the group’s chief says. The US company is testing together with the German company Biontech is also a vaccine. BioNTech SE Nam.-Act.(sp.ADRs)1/o. n. 44,51 EUR Of 0.34 ( 0.78%)and Tradegate

  • 1 day
  • 6 months

To the course data

Normally it takes several years until a vaccine is developed, tested, approved and available on the market. In view of the massive effects of the Corona pandemic, it should go much faster now. The production and the distribution of the vaccination are, however, a "gewaltige" Challenge, warns the international Federation of research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations (IFPMA).

Decline in new infections is a Problem for vaccine research

A difficulty in the development of vaccines, paradoxically, the rapid decline of Corona-infections in Europe, where many of the clinical trials take place. The infection rate will soon be too low to test vaccines in a natural environment on their effectiveness, says pharmaceutical boss Soriot. "It’s a race against time." Subjects to suspend targeted the Virus, is not ethically justifiable, there Soriot to bear in mind.

More than six million people worldwide have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic at the end of December confirmed with the novel Coronavirus, more than 380,000 are Infected died.

For immunization, two doses are needed, the world would be needed, therefore, 15 billion doses of Vaccine, says Thomas Cueni from the trade Association IFPMA. "But even with the utmost effort, we are not from the first day, sufficient quantities of verfügen", Cueni said.

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