Woman mortified as A&E doc forced to remove Kinder Egg she hid in her privates

A&E doctors often are faced with shocking situations when treating the general public.

However, one NHS doc says one of his most jaw-dropping experiences features the unlikely inclusion of a chocolate Kinder Egg.

Doctor Adam Kay has revealed he once had to remove the sweet treat from a woman's privates after she hid it up there.

The hidden egg was a unique twist on the leap year tradition of ladies proposing to men.

The woman had placed an engagement ring inside the egg — and then inserted it in her private parts for her boyfriend to find.

However, she got her own Kinder surprise when the egg got stuck and she ended up in A&E, where Adam carefully removed it with forceps and handed it to the woman’s baffled boyfriend.

Best-selling author Adam, 41, insisted the graphic scene was kept in the ­forthcoming BBC adaptation of his memoir This Is Going To Hurt.

And people will be pleased to know it resulted in a happy ending.

After Adam removed the egg from its hiding place, the woman got down on one knee and proposed — and her ­boyfriend said yes.

Chatting to The Sun, medic-turned-comedian Adam said: “I think that is my favourite story in the book.

"I was desperate that the Kinder Egg made it into the show.

"The BBC promised me one thing right at the start, which was that they wouldn’t say, ‘You can’t do that’.

“And they’ve been totally good to their word. I don’t think you could watch it and think it looks like a ­censored show, which was really important."

And that's not the only shocking scene in the BBC adaption.

In one scene, his character talks in eye-opening detail about a penis that has had its foreskin torn off in a nasty road accident.

Adam laughed as he admitted: “Anytime I’ve been on breakfast telly and ­Schofield or Lorraine asks ‘What’s your favourite story?’ I have to think: ‘What’s my favourite story that I can actually say on the air?”

“But the BBC promised right at the start they wouldn’t say no and they’ve been totally true to their word.”

The seven-part series is set during Adam’s stint as a senior registrar in obstetrics and gynaecology, which he jokingly refers to as “brats and tw*ts”.

He is played in the adaption by Skyfall actor Ben Whishaw, known for playing Q in the 007 films, with Adam admitting it's 'surreal' that a British Hollywood actor is portraying him.

Adam left the NHS back in 2010 after a particularly harrowing caesarean op.

Because of an undiagnosed condition, the mother began to bleed heavily and he was unable to save the baby.

Adam admits the situation 'haunted' him and said he would wake up in a cold sweat years on from the op thinking about it.

However, despite its difficulties, Adam admits he still misses his old job — and hopes to return to the NHS in some capacity.

This Is Going To Hurt starts on BBC1 on February 8 at 9pm

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