Hunter McGrady Has Powerful Message For Plus-Size Pregnant Folks

The lack of adequate plus-size representation in media and fashion, is well-known but when it comes to pregnant plus-size representation, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hunter McGrady recently took to Instagram to address just that in a fantastic pregnancy shot that we know so many pregnant people will relate to.

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McGrady, the 27-year-old model who made waves in 2017 looking gorgeous in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition (and who incidentally has been asked back three additional times), is pregnant with her first child, a son, with husband Brian Keys. She’s been a vocal advocate for size-inclusive representation in the media, and her powerful Instagram post continues in that vein but with an additional layer of pregnancy.

“Plus size and pregnant. Being plus size, the representation already falls incredibly short, but being plus size AND pregnant? Forget it,” the photo caption reads. “When I embarked on this journey I was excitedly googling pregnancy, plus-size pregnancy, bump pictures, updates, all the things! However, I never saw myself represented. I knew going into this my belly wasn’t going to be this perfect little round thing that just bops out, I knew I wouldn’t have options for maternity wear, i knew my body would change in different ways than i have seen my whole life, and yet I don’t know if I was prepared for how much the plus-size pregnancy representation lacks.”

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“There aren’t any plus-size pregnant women on magazine covers, advertisements, television, or even the brochure’s at the OBGYN office. It’s almost as if we don’t exist, like we’re an anomaly,” she continued. “I’m here to tell you that you are not a ‘one off’ you’re not wrong for being plus size and pregnant, your body is equipped for this.”

She ended with: “Wherever you are on your journey, just remember how wildly worthy you are to experience this and enjoy every moment of it just as anyone else.” 

Amen! Meanwhile, we’ll be over here still waiting to see more plus-size pregnant people — not just stunning models — getting more of the love and support they deserve!

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