Kate Middleton Is a Proud Mom Gushing About the After-School Activity That Princess Charlotte Loves

When it comes to bragging about your kids, not even royal moms are exempt. Kate Middleton recently shared some of her daughter Princess Charlotte’s after-school activities and every word was full of pride for her little girl.

Prince William and Princess Kate appeared on The Good, The Bad, & The Rugby podcast with co-host Mike Tindall’s mother-in-law Princess Anne. The Princess Royal said that Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, have inherited “just a little bit” of their parents’ competitiveness, per PEOPLE.

“What I think is really interesting is that they are all obviously very different temperaments.” Kate responding, adding all three of her kids “are growing and trying out different sports.”

“They’re obviously still really young,” she continued. “It’s going to be interesting to see how that grows and develops.”

The Princess of Wales also revealed what her only daughter gets into after school, gushing about the activities that Middleton herself didn’t get a chance to do in school. In the interview, she revealed that Princess Charlotte plays both rugby and football, both of which “weren’t school sports when I was growing up.” Of course, Middleton has played both of those sports now, as well as golf, tennis, cricket, archery, and more, but Middleton says it’s “really good” to see more sports being offered to girls in school.

“Charlotte’s playing both the sports now, and it’s really good to see youngsters, particularly girls, playing these types of sports now,” she continued.

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It makes sense she would be involved with rugby. Prince William is patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, Princess Kate is patron of the Rugby Football Union, and Princess Anne is patron of the Scottish Rugby Union, so the sport is definitely important to the family.

Prince William also opened up about how much he loved sports growing up. “I absolutely gelled and loved being in those sorts of cauldron of fear, noise, competitiveness with your mates and your team around you,” he said. The future king also revealed the one thing he wants his children to learn from sports: how to lose.

“I think people don’t know how to lose well,” he said, per PEOPLE. “Talking about our children, particularly. I want to make sure that they understand that.”

Middleton said her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, influenced her and her siblings to try sports. “They always encouraged us to be physically active and sporty and they always encouraged us into doing team sports and trying things,” she said. Now she echoes that sentiment, asserting that she thinks being “exposed to a variety” of activities is important for young people.

Her favorite? “Personally, I love swimming,” Middleton said, explaining that she prefers cold, rainy conditions.

Princess Charlotte is sporty just like her parents and great aunt. Royal expert Katie Nicholls once said she “loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer.”

In June 2023, the President of the Rugby Football Union Nigel Gillingham confirmed Princess Charlotte’s sporty personality, which is so much like her mom. “She regularly plays rugby in the back garden with the children – she plays all sports with them,” per PEOPLE. “Apparently, Charlotte is very much in her mold – very competitive as well.”

It’ll be fun to see Charlotte compete with her sporty mama when she gets a little older!

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