Valerie Bertinelli Just Shared the Perfect Summer Gelato Recipe That Doesn't Require an Ice Cream Maker

Homemade ice cream is one of life’s greatest treats. It just tastes fresher, creamier, and sweeter than store-bought! The only downside? Pulling out an ice cream maker and hand cranking it — or dishing out money for an expensive electric one (which then takes up a ton of cabinet space for storage). Luckily, Valerie Bertinelli has a recipe that is just as delicious as homemade ice cream, without the hassle of using a machine!

The Food Network chef shared her No-Machine Pistachio Gelato recipe on YouTube, and it looks so delicious.

She starts by making pistachio paste, which takes pistachios, of course, sugar, and more. After blending it together, she heats up milk and adds in the “slurry,” which is a thickener for the gelato. Next, she whisks an egg yolk, and works on “tempering” the milk mixture, which is when you slowly add a little bit in until it’s all the same temperature. Don’t worry — Bertinelli walks you through every step in the process, making it look so easy!

Pistachio paste and a few other ingredients go in before you pour it in a square pan and place it in the freezer. As a side note: Bertinelli says you can add food coloring if you want it to be greener, but she prefers to “keep it natural.”

Don’t forget about your gelato once it’s in the freezer! Bertinelli recommends stirring it every so often to stop any ice crystals from forming. “It should be beautiful and creamy by the time it’s done,” she says.

Once her gelato is frozen to perfection, she scoops it up, adds a few raspberries and some flavored syrup on top, and enjoys.

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“Yum thank you , my favorite!!!” one person commented on the video. Another wrote, “Wow what a wonderful recipe.”

It’s the perfect dessert to enjoy on a warm summer evening on the back porch. It’s light, nutty, and so fresh — you’ll definitely want to keep it stockpiled in your freezer!

Get Bertinelli’s full No-Machine Pistachio Gelato recipe online here.

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