Welcome Guests Into Your Home With These Feng Shui Decorating Secrets

Similar to many other areas of your home, your entryway is an important part of your space’s energetic blueprint — according to feng shui principles. After all, it’s the first area that greets guests and sets the tone for their visit. Seemingly small items can make a big impact in this space as well. For instance, while you may feel tempted to hang a mirror directly across from your door, it’s best to put it off towards the side.

My Domaine reports that the entryway of a home can also seriously impact the mood of its inhabitants. If it’s cluttered or filled with unused items, it doesn’t create the best atmosphere to walk into — especially after a long day. Indeed, feng shui and crystal expert Heather Askinosie tells the outlet, “The entryway to your house is what sets the atmosphere for the whole home. If you come home to a cluttered house, your mind immediately takes on that energy. But if after a busy day, you come home to a home that’s clean and organized, your environment will provide a peaceful space to unwind in.”

It’s also important to take care of your front door because this represents opportunities flowing into your life. If your handle is broken or the hinges don’t slide easily, these can impact the energetics around this area as well. The outlet recommends adding a new layer of paint if the door looks like it’s years passed its prime or applying oil to make the hinges slide more easily. Bottom line: take care of your front door.

Your house absorbs energy through your main entrance

The flow of energy is a vital component of feng shui. Just like a guest, the energy comes in your home and can either shoot off or stay present to help nourish the space. The Spruce explains that the goal is to help the chi — or the energy — move at an appropriate pace. Buying a rug — but not just any rug — may help improve the ambiance in this area of your home as well.

You can base your rug choice off of the elements for top-notch feng shui, the outlet notes. First, take note of which direction your front door faces. East corresponds with the element of air, North with the element of Earth, West with water and South with fire. Various shapes work well with these elements. According to The Spruce, square or rectangular rugs work best for a door facing east, while round rugs work best with doors facing the north, since this represents the element of Earth.

Another important aspect of your entry way is mirror placement. An important tool in feng shui, mirrors help amplify or hamper chi in your space. For instance, if you place a mirror directly across from the door, the energy flowing into your home bounces right off of it, heading back out the door. My Domaine recommends hanging your mirror perpendicular to the door and making a cute corner with a table to place your keys and take a moment before you head out.

While you may have thought of decorating your entryway as a pretty simple task, there are a lot of factors that can impact this space.

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