Conscientious people hoarding toilet paper

After the novel Coronavirus began in March 2020 in Europe spread, have kept many people with a disinfectant, noodles and toilet paper before. This has led to the sales figures by up to 700 percent &ndash rose; although on the part of the governments again and again was asked not to make any panic purchases. Now, researchers from Switzerland and Germany have identified the typical personality traits of the hamster buyer.

People who felt by the pandemic, very threatened, purchased most likely toilet paper. This was to a large extent emotional people are often very worried and anxious. But it is also particularly conscientious people who are hardworking and perfectionist disposition and a lot of value to the Organisation and caution, tended to be larger stockpiles.

More hamsterten Older more toilet paper than Younger Americans more than Europeans. Completely, the researchers were able to explain the behaviour by the personality of the people but not: "The subjective threat posed by Covid-19 seems to be an important trigger for the stockpiling of toilet paper. A comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon, we are entfernt&quot, however, still far;, Theo Toppe of the Max-Planck-Institute for evolutionary anthropology in Leipzig said.

For the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, surveyed, the researchers are using social media 1029 adults from 35 countries. In addition to a personality test, and General information about the participants answered questions about their behavior, and the perceived threat posed by Covid-19.