Short of breath and exhausted: the late consequences of Covid-19

Many patients who have survived Covid-19, plagues, weeks, and months later still have symptoms such as excessive fatigue, decreased performance, and dyspnea. In one small Italian study, this was even nine out of ten patients.

Covid-19 may be an infectious disease with prolonged symptoms lasting. Even if the Virus is in the body, undetectable, and symptoms such as cough and fever are gone, many patients are still weakened. A recent study by the Catholic University of Milan 143 the former Covid-19-patients between 19 and 84 years.

An average of 60 days after the onset of symptoms, the patients were all treated in hospital were examined again and asked about their symptoms. Only 18 of them (12.6 percent) reported to feel completely healthy. Many patients complained about severe fatigue (53 percent), shortness of breath (43.4 percent), joint pain (27.3 percent) and chest pain (almost 22 percent). 32 percent had one or two symptoms, 55 per cent at least three. In 44 percent of the symptoms of restricted the quality of life significantly.

Lung experts recommend rehab

The researchers conclude from their results that in the case of Covid-19-patients could be after the hospital stay, a targeted Rehabilitation is necessary. Also experts of the German society for pneumology speak: "CT images of the lungs of convalescent Covid-19-do not suggest to patients that many of them are really healthy, but as a result of the infection more or less severe damage to the lungs aufweisen", Professor Dr. med says. Andreas Rembert Koczulla, chief physician of the Department of pneumology at the Schön Klinik Berchtesgadener Land. This concerns also people who did not have to be in the hospital incubator. For these patients, a pneumological rehabilitation is useful to improve the lung function in the long term.