Sport mouth protection is harmful?

In some States, gyms are allowed to open again, but under strict conditions. Those who want to exercise, probably need to wear a mask. Why this is useful and whether it is of concern to drive with a mask on sports, explained sports physician Professor Dr. Stefan-Martin Brand from the University hospital in Münster.

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Many people have the feeling to get with a mouth-nose protectors (MSN) and poor air. When shopping or when travelling by public transport you can arrange to Sport some fear, however, that Wearing a mask could be harmful. "But it is not really so that less oxygen arrives. A danger, therefore, there is nicht", Brand explains. The expert is a limit, however, is that you should go Jogging with a mask on, whether outdoors or on the treadmill, a little less quickly and the training time overall is a little shorter keep. "I personally would recommend to run more or less alone, and to seek out routes that are less heavily frequented, so it is without mouth protection kann", so fire.

In the gym there will be, however, expected to have a mask of duty. This is a Brand that also makes sense: "Not only endurance, but also strength training at the gym in a very small space. Since distance is important, but since I expel when strength training the same air and spread such as when Training on the treadmill, is the nose, the Wearing of mouth protection in any case."

What kind of masks to the Sport?

Recommendations, what kind of mouth-nose protection is suitable for the Sport at best, not there yet due to the lack of studies. Whether a SURGICAL mask or a self-stitched fabric mask is better, or whether there is a difference between a single – or double-layer masks, should everyone try for themselves personally.

Recommended to be it but in any case, to replace the Mouth guard when it is moist. A soaked mask offers no protection and is also a breeding ground for germs. Who exercise plan to last longer in the gym, to take fire, according to several masks, and in between, switch – depending on how much you sweat during Training.


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