Thailand’s Corona mystery: Nobody knows why the country is so well-the pandemic

Narrow streets, bustling Restaurants and lively Food halls In Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is usually a enlivened, more than eight million people live here, often in a confined space. However, the Coronavirus appears to have in the Asian country is not an easy game. Just 3239 infection cases, the US-American Johns Hopkins University in Thailand is, with its 70 million inhabitants. Low, the death from falls rate: according to Official statistics, 58 people have survived infection with the Virus.

These Numbers are surprising – especially in times, where other countries, including the United States, you must almost reported daily record highs on new infections. What Thailand is doing right? Or asked differently: What are other countries doing wrong?

Drug from the USA

Experimental Corona vaccine is promising, but three questions are still open

To find a final answer is difficult, it is possible that many factors may play a role. “Has attenuated the early introduction of face masks in combination with a robust health system, the impact of the Virus?”, asks about a reporter for the New York Times. “There is a genetic component, which makes the immune system of the Thai people or other people in the Mekong Region more robust against the Coronavirus?” Or even the traditional Thai greeting – the Wai could fold, people with the hands together and slightly bend forward – a role play? After all, people come not so close as in an embrace, and can also transmit pathogens, such as when shaking hands.

Public life in the open air

Clear already now: The Wear of everyday masks was already rooted prior to the Corona, deep in the Asian society. The measure is now regarded as essential to contain the Virus. While people in other countries had yet to be introduced to the unfamiliar masks approach, could be implemented in the pad in Thailand quickly.

In addition, large parts of public life in Free play. In the evening hours, many Thais go outside to do sports. Dance and aerobics classes often take place in public places, where infectious droplets quickly into the air to evaporate. Also many Restaurants are the same, rather, covered terraces as a closed room with four walls. All of the plays in the fight against the Virus a pandemic in the hands.

Students of the Watpichai school in Bangkok: masks and shut-off walls of plastic foil to prevent the Coronavirus can spread in the classroom

As the schools in this month opened up again, took pictures of children with a mask, and behind shut-off walls of plastic the round. Each student sits at a single table. In the classroom, the Youngest are already learning how to wash hands properly. Also in the waiting area before the authorities always paid attention to minimum clearances. Plastic Outdoor chairs to show the necessary minimum distance.

Many asymptomatic cases

Good Hygiene in combination with cultural practices, so is that the solution for Thailand’s Corona puzzle? Wiput Phoolcharoen, an expert on public health at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, believes that behind the phenomenon even more could plug. As he was looking for a Corona outbreak in the town of Pattani in the South of Thailand, he noted that 90 percent of the positively Tested showed no symptoms – a higher percentage than elsewhere.

“We will now examine the role of the immune system,” he explained in an interview with the New York Times. People who lived in this area of Thailand, are particularly vulnerable to severe course of the disease with the Dengue fever – a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. “If our immune system against Dengue fever is so bad, why can’t it be our immune system against Covid better?”

It is doubtful, however, whether the official Figures represent the actual Infection. In Thailand will be comparatively little tested, stated in the “New York Times”. Pictures of Corona Tests in Thai temples should of course convey a different image. A high percentage of asymptomatic cases could also lead to a larger number of unreported cases of previously undetected cases.

At least the Foreign office seems to give the Numbers from Bangkok but Believe: Since the 2. July, the entry from Thailand to Germany without restrictions. In addition to Thailand is only available for seven more Non-EU States, including Australia, Canada and new Zealand. The office refers happen as a justification to the “low Infection”.

Alone the question “Why?” would be answered but still.

Source: New York Times / Federal Foreign Office

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