Virologist Drosten supports School and daycare openings – in conditions

The debate to a faster Opening of schools and kindergartens has recently taken on travel. Now, Christian Drosten, head of Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin has spoken out in an Interview is cautiously positive. “As a private person and not as a virologist,” he saw the need and I support that, “the fact that this extremely important area needs to be revived in the childcare and education again,” said Drosten in Germany radio.

However, the virologist calls to accompany this step with better policies. So he endorses, to test teachers and educators on a regular basis to any outbreak, identify foci rapidly and to be able to fight. “When symptoms must, without symptoms can be tested, and low-threshold, real, really available, reliable, maybe once a week for each teacher, each day-care centre educational force, I think we would be a very important piece, when we practice up to the summer holidays,” says Drosten.

Costs of the pandemic

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Since children often showed no symptoms, even if they are infected, would assume the teachers and educators in this model a valuable “indicator-function”, which should be used. For all the difficulty there was in schools and day care centers a “good situation” compared to other crowds of people. “If you think, for example, of an outbreak in the Church: Nobody knows exactly who has sat, and the authorities have to run after All, and it breaks out a great perplexity. So, it is not in the school. We know from day-to-day exactly where which student is sitting.”

How big is the risk?

However, Drosten also warns, the risk for spread of the Virus by children is not to underestimate. “There is actually no major evidence from the scientific literature, which confirm really what is here and there described in the opinion, namely, that the children are less infectious or less susceptible to the infection. This looks to me not at all, on the basis of existing scientific data.”

Currently, only a limited school runs in the schools, in many children, only one to two days of the week are taught. In the daycare centers, only an extended emergency operation is running in many places. Last week, four medical societies – including the professional Association of child and youth doctors in a statement, demanded to open schools and day-care centres in a timely manner complete again, because the current data is sufficient to be able to take this step.had

Air instead of disinfect

Virologist Drosten said in the Germany radio Interview the risk of Infection originating in enclosed spaces by aerosols. The around-floating Virus particles can maintain a low exchange of air over a long period of time in the air of the room. Drosten therefore proposes a Revision to the rules of hygiene, which is currently mainly on the prevention of droplet infection (by keeping a safe Distance, hand washing, Surface disinfection) aimed at. “At some point we just need maybe a major Revision of our current policies on the basis of emerging concepts of the mechanism of Infection, and you have to acknowledge just now, the aerosol transmission plays an important role.” In everyday life, so the recommendation of the virologist says, “you should focus more on Air and less on the constant Wipe and Disinfect”.

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